Yasmin Bibi Girls College Uncategorized Workshop on Assessment & Evaluation

Workshop on Assessment & Evaluation


A one-day workshop on “Assessment & Evaluation and SLO-based Teaching Methodologies” was successfully organized at Yasmin Bibi Girls College, Pirsaddi, on September 26, 2023. The workshop aimed to enhance the teaching skills and assessment capabilities of the the teachers, focusing on Bloom’s Taxonomy, paper-making techniques, and understanding Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs). The workshop was conducted in a participatory and interactive manner, encouraging teachers to share their experiences and ask questions.

This workshop on “Assessment & Evaluation and SLO-based Teaching Methodologies” proved to be a valuable learning experience for the teachers of Yasmin Bibi Girls College. It equipped them with new teaching techniques, assessment strategies, and a deeper understanding of SLOs to enhance the quality of education they provide.

The workshop concluded with the distribution of participation certificates to teachers and a token of thanks, in the form of a shield, presented to the trainer, Mr. Zulfiqar Ali.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to our generous donors whose unwavering support enables us to continue our mission.


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