About us

Established in 2023, with the gracious support of Yasmin Rochette and valuable assistance of Dosti Welfare Organization, Yasmin Bibi Girls College embodies a philanthropic vision aimed at providing the gift of education to the young girls.

It is the only higher education institution located in the Pirsaddi area of District Mardan, Pakistan where about 70 percent of the girls were forced to quit education after matriculation due to non-availability of higher education institution.

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The fundamental and sole purpose of this college is to bring as many young girls to college as possible who were previously deprived of their right to education.

Muhammad Fida Hussain

Voluntary Director

What makes us different?

We stand as a beacon of education in a 12,000-population community, offering the only access to higher education within a considerable radius.

With over 50 students enrolled in arts and medical disciplines, Yasmin Bibi College goes beyond conventional education. Our commitment to diverse academic programs ensures that students can pursue their passions and career aspirations. Additionally, by granting 14% scholarships to talented and deserving girls, we strive to make education a catalyst for positive societal impact, breaking barriers to access.

Population benefiting as being the sole higher education org
Students reading in the first year of establishment
Scholarship granted to deserving students
Well-qualified teaching faculty at your service
Courses offered including Computer and humanities
Students teacher ratio, for proper attention on child.

Meet the team

Miss Sana Gul


A graduate in the subject of Economics and having a vast experience in teaching in government and non-governmental institutions is a part of the college.

Miss Irum Khan

Lecturer in English

Miss Irum Khan brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to her role as Lecturer in English at our college, fostering a dynamic learning experience.

Miss Sana Gul

Lecturer in Urdu

With a background in Urdu literature and language, she instills in students not just the mechanics of the language but also a deep appreciation for its cultural and literary nuances.

Miss Hilal Bibi

Lecturer in Islamiyat

With a dedicated focus on Islamiyat, Miss Hilal Bibi brings a profound understanding of Islamic studies to the college.

Miss Shabeena Khan

Lecturer in Chemistry

Miss Shabeena’s passion for a deep understanding of the wonders of chemistry and her dynamic approach to education creates an engaging and insightful learning environment for the students.

Miss Maryam Bibi

Lecturer in Biology

Miss Maryam Bibi, a Botany graduate, infuses her passion for biology into her role as a lecturer.

Join us for a bright career

Imagine a workplace where innovation meets collaboration, where every idea is valued, and where your skills are nurtured for growth.