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Parents-Teachers Meeting (PTM)


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Yasmin Bibi Girls College Pirsaddi conducted a Parents-Teacher Meeting (PTM) on the 17th of November 2023 as the Round 1 exam reached to an end, with the aim of carrying out communication between parents and teachers. The event provided an opportunity to discuss individual student progress, identify areas of improvement, and celebrate the achievements of the position holder students.

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The PTM witnessed an encouraging turnout, with more than 29 parents in attendance, including both mothers and fathers. The significant parental involvement demonstrated the importance placed on the education and well-being of their children.

Parents were individually briefed about the academic performance and overall progress of their children. Teachers highlighted the strengths of each student and pointed out specific areas for improvement. This personalized approach allowed for a detailed discussion of the student’s academic journey.

During the discussions, teachers outlined specific areas where students could improve and grow. Tangible suggestions were provided to parents to support their children in overcoming academic challenges. This collaborative effort between parents and teachers aimed at creating a conducive learning environment for the students.

To create a relaxed and friendly atmosphere, refreshments were served to the parents. This not only added a social aspect to the event but also facilitated casual interactions between parents, teachers, and the administration.

Position holder students were acknowledged and awarded prizes in the presence of their proud parents. This recognition served as motivation for both the students and their peers, encouraging a culture of academic excellence.

The parents expressed their gratitude towards the college administration for organizing the PTM. They acknowledged and appreciated the pivotal role the college plays in the education and character development of their children.

Following the PTM, the staff conducted a post-event meeting to review the proceedings. This platform allowed for the identification and resolution of any concerns or suggestions raised by parents. It emphasized the college’s commitment to continuous improvement and effective communication.

The Parents-Teacher Meeting at Yasmin Bibi Girls College Pirsaddi was a resounding success, fostering a sense of collaboration and community between parents, teachers, and the administration. The event served as a valuable platform for discussing student progress, offering tangible solutions, and building positive relationships within the educational ecosystem. The college remains dedicated to facilitating such interactions to enhance the overall educational experience for the students and strengthen the bonds with their families.


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