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Demo Sessions for Teachers Hiring


Dear advocates of change,

As part of the teacher hiring process at Yasmin Bibi Girls College, a series of demo sessions were recently conducted. The aim was to assess the teaching capabilities, subject knowledge, and overall performance of nine aspirants from various subjects. The college sought to select skilled and dedicated educators to provide high-quality education.

The demo sessions took place in actual classroom settings, where each aspirant had the opportunity to deliver a lesson on a predetermined topic. This allowed the candidates to showcase their teaching methods, communication skills, and ability to engage students effectively.

Both students of Yasmin Bibi Girls College and subject experts participated in evaluating the aspirants. Students observed the sessions, offering feedback on teaching style, clarity of explanations, and classroom management. Subject experts, comprising experienced educators and academic professionals, assessed subject knowledge and pedagogical approach.

The combined evaluation from students and subject experts provided a comprehensive perspective on each candidate’s suitability.

The success of these demo sessions underscores their value in assessing teaching skills and subject expertise. By involving students and subject experts, Yasmin Bibi Girls College ensures a rigorous and fair evaluation. The institution remains dedicated to selecting educators who will contribute to academic excellence and the holistic development of their students.


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